I’d like to say, “Thank You” to all those who put up with my bat-shit -crazy shenanigans all year, and still have the decency to wish me a Happy Birthday.

The nice thing about having my birthday this close to Christmas and New Years (and I do mean the ONLY nice thing) is that my birthday truly marks the beginning of a brand new year. I mean, sure, a birthday in July is fun, but how fitting is it to begin a new year, with a new age this close to the actual beginning of a new year?! Last Year, a wonderful lady I worked for used an etch-a-sketch as an analogy for New Years. So, for my bithday, I bought myself a bright red etch-a-sketch (the original, of course) and to symbolize all the terrible and emotionally hearwrenching things that had occurred in 2010, I scribbled until you could see the insides of the toy. Then, on my birthday, I shook that puppy (figuratively, I would never ever shake a puppy…or a baby. LOL, love you, Shauna n Noodle) until it was pristine, like nothing had ever happened. I erased the year that had been so trying on my heart and soul, just like that. I had a brand new slate.

Luckily for you all, you get to start over with a new year too, so grab your etch-a-sketch, boys & girls…
It’s time to wash away all the hurt, pain and disappointment of 2011. Let’s celebrate a toast to MY BIRTHDAY and to 2012: may it be full of Joy, Love, Laughter, Friendship, Health, Forgiveness and Happiness sweet enough to rot our teeth! We all deserve it.



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