Issue No. 1, Part 4

So, I’m aware it’s been more than a week. Very sorry to keep you waiting. I’ve been trying to get 20-something years worth of “household accumulation” under control in a new house. Without further ado, I give you the final installment of the coffee table extravaganza. Please let me know what you think…or if you have any questions. I have lots of tips and advice on how I would approach this differently, and I’d be happy to share.

These latches above and the pull thingy below are actual vintage pieces I found at the same Architectural Salvage as the window that serves as the lid part of this chest.

The resin I used to reinforce the window’s glass gave me quite a bit of trouble and kind of turned out a little bit funky, but luckily, it doesn’t detract much from the final product.

There it is, folks. The whole enchilada, so to speak. I hope you enjoyed the series and seeing this project start out from just an old leaded window. It was fun, frustrating, infuriating and ultimately rewarding…I made this with my own two hands. Not bad for a girl like me, I think.



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