Gone, Gone, Gone…But Not For Long

31 Dec

Tonight, 2014 officially comes to, let’s be honest, a screeching halt. This year has flown by, and New Year’s Eve has snuck up on me. Needless to say, I’m not really ready to be facing a brand new year. There are just too many things left undone. But, instead of scrambling to cram more meaning into the last little bit of this year, I turn my eyes to 2015. They earnestly search for opportunities to create the life I’ve been dreaming of. Luckily, I have a solid foundation. I’ve been blessed with the kind of marriage many could only dream of. I’ve also got the best family anyone could ask for. All I have to do is keep my eyes on the prize: financial independence (okay, and maybe some littles, too).

I don’t know about you good people, but I feel like 2015 holds a lot of promise. My slate is full of exciting goals and projects. The best part is, I feel like my energy and ambition to fuel all these projects has been restored. This is great news for not only me, but you fine readers as well. I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve and some fantastic wrecks to share with you. Don’t believe me? Well, considering how slow my creative endeavors have been this year, I don’t blame you. But seriously, stick around and prepare yourselves to have your minds blown. And I even promise to post full details, just in case you get jealous and want to do the projects for yourself. Bam.

My wish for you, friends, is health, love and more happiness that your heart knows what to do with. I wish for you to truly understand that happiness is goal #1, and whether you find it or not is completely in your control. Let’s leave our anger, sadness, regrets, mistrust, and unhappiness where it belongs: in the rear view, along with the rest of 2014.

With lots of love and affection,



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