MAKIN’ IT MONDAYS (Issue No. 1, Part 2)

25 Jun

It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for the next installment of Makin’ It Mondays!! Please, please, contain your excitement.

I know this second part of Issue No. 1 has been a long time coming, please forgive the tardiness. (my little brother says I can’t be on time for anything to save my dang life…but what can I say?)

These are some better photos of the progress I made in my first installment. If you’d like to refresh your memory of this project, you can click here. In this photo, you can see that the window is in fact pink and yellow…not red and yellow

Okay, so I didn’t quite get the old stain off completely…but like my dad used to say, it’s good enough for government work.

Now, here are the supplies I’m using for the next step. The most important of these, aside from the stain, of course, is the gloves. If you’re anything like me, you’ll get stain on your skin, regardless of any protection you may use…but gloves will save you from a good portion of it. To illustrate the importance of gloves, let me paint a picture for you with a little story time…

Not too long ago, I had a neighbor who found an old coffee table from about the 1970s. She bought it for something silly like $5, thinking, “oh hey, I’ll just stain this thing to match the rest of my furniture and everything will be peaches and cream”. Well, bless her heart, she went out and bought a can of stain and some rags. Later that day, she came knocking on my door, covered halfway up her forearms with ebony stain. She was in tears because she didn’t know that she was supposed to wear gloves. She had tried soap and even rubbing alcohol, all to no avail. Being the good neighbor girl that I am, I did my very best to resist the “well, sweetie, the can says stain…what did you think it was going to do to your skin” reflex. You might appreciate how difficult this was for a smart ass like me, if you knew me personally, but unfortunately, you don’t. So let’s just say, it was the most difficult thing I did that week…considering I was a corrections officer in a men’s facility at the time, that’s saying a lot. Anyway, I grabbed a huge bag of cotton balls and every ounce of nail polish remover I owned (which is more than you might imagine…I like nail polish…a lot. As a matter of fact, I’ve been banned from buying anymore. A situation not unlike my sticker addiction). As she did her best to scrub up, I had her show me the project she was working on. It was at this moment that I realized that this story has two lessons to be learned: 1. always protect your hands/skin when working with stain and 2. when staining wood that has already been finished (meaning it’s already stained and/or laquered) always sand it well before applying new stain. You see, all of the stain that my well-meaning neighbor applied to her coffee table just kind of pooled unevenly on top of the varnish that it came with, as opposed to soaking into the wood. Tsk, tsk. What a shame.

So now, boys and girls, we should all understand that we should always wear gloves when working with stain and always sand before applying said stain. Now, moving on…

 Be sure to grab one of those stirry stick thingies. Stain usually sits on the shelf for a long time and settles so it needs to be stirred very well before using it.

Yes, This is a sock. Trust me on this. Don’t waste your money on a fancy sponge.

Oh, I’d like to point out that I am, in fact, wearing gloves under this sock. (And yes, I did still manage to get stain on myself. I’m just professional like that.)

Here are a couple photos of the frame after the first coat of stain.

Sure, the stain looked nice, I decided the look I was going for was something a little more broken in. What to do, what to do…


So, you can see here, I had quite a bit of fun scraping and gouging. I’ll admit, it doesn’t look great here, but have faith my young padawans. It will look much better when I re-stain it.

 See? What did I tell you? Much better.

So now I have the window complete. Next step will be to draw up plans for the rest of the coffee table, find supplies, and start assembly. I’d like to mention again, that I’m no carpenter. Just an average girl who has no experience with saws or really any other power tools aside from a drill. Luckily my besties have the tools, I just need to learn to use them. Should be simple, right? Well, stay tuned for part  3 next week where you’ll see how well…or badly the power tool session goes. Wish me luck!!



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