Puppy Bath Time.

21 Jun

Meet Guinness. She goes by many aliases. Guinness the Menace, Guinnie-Guinnerton, Pupparoni, El Puppietano, Pup-Pup-Puparoo…

Regardless of the name she answers to, she’s always the same sweet loving pup with a big personality. Depending on who you talk to, you might get different answers about her breed, but in real life, she’s a Rotti-Lab mix. Without further ado, I introduce you to my pup, and it’s bath time.

Did I mention that my pup is not a fan of bath time? Well, she isn’t. But dang it, does she look flippin’ adorable.

So there she is. She’s 70-ish pounds of lovie dovie furry wonderfulness. If you can’t tell, I love her a lot. With good reason. She’s the most well-behaved pup ever. I hope her sweet little mug put a smile on your face today.



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