What Do You Mean Where Have I Been??

20 Jun

Wow, it’s been a few ticks since we last spoke, huh? Well, there have been a few changes since I last posted, and a few more on the horizon. A busy, busy bee is what I’ve been. Rolling with the punches is hard work sometimes and has taken up most of my time.  Please forgive me for neglecting the blog. On the bright side, you can look forward to regular posts following all my new adventures, including Makin’ It Mondays and Wreck It Wednesdays!! Woo-hoo!

In case you’re curious about what’s been stealing away all my attention, here’s the run down…

My assignment with the book publisher unfortunately came to an end in April. Since, I’ve been looking for work and at the same time, cooking up plans for a business venture of my own. I don’t want to give away too much information on that, ’cause I want it to be a surprise, so just stay tuned!

Next up is my living situation. The lease for my apartment was up for renewal June 11th, and I decided not to stay. Aside from the rent increasing, We really couldn’t stand the management and our neighbors. One complication to this situation is the fact that at the end of the summer, I will be moving long distance. (I’m saving the details of that one for later too!) Finding a new apartment and signing a new lease for a couple months just wasn’t really practical. Luckily my best friends love me and offered to let me use a spare room in their home. Since my next move is only a couple months away and it’s going to be a long distance one, I wanted to make sure my belongings were packed well so nothing  gets lost in the process. Because I have a slight propensity towards OCD, the packing was slow going. Eventually it did get done, and now it’s over. Thank goodness. While the packing process can be stressful, it was nothing compared to the actual final move-out inspection. It was a nightmare, however, the bottom line is I got most of my deposit back. I call that a win, especially when you’ve been renting an apartment at Island Club. I’ll fill you in on the details in a later post.

So, that’s about it for now. Please check back on Monday for a new installment of Makin’ It Monday!! It’s gonna be AWEsome! I promise!



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