8 Feb

Well boys and girls, it’s finally here…the very first WRECK IT WEDNESDAY!

I’m here to wreck your idea of how things should be done. I’m here to show you that no matter what, we all have the capacity to be creative. I am here inspire you to bring that creativity to all aspects of your life. The result? A life that is genuinely YOU.

This post is brought to you by the humble, and probably long forgotten composition book. Remember those little books with the black and white marbled cover with space enough to write your name and what class the book is for? Well, this is the required material for today’s wrecking. 

Today is dedicated to those wonderful people who save tickets, brochures, cards, etc as mementos from vacations, special occasions, etc. And if you’re that kind of person, and are too busy to dedicate the hours it takes to produce a quality scrapbook, and the kind of person that is (out of necessity or principle) opposed to shelling out big bucks for new scrapbooks, all the better.

I’m bringing comp books back. No, I’m not going to assign any homework, or say that you all should pick start journaling or penning short stories. I’ve recently discovered this little 40 cent gem makes an amazing makeshift scrapbook. Sure, the book gets fat, and I’ll probably need to use a rubber band at some point to keep it closed, but it sure gets the job done. And I have to say, at about 40 cents for a book (give or take a dime or two), they sure do it for a whole lot less  money. That’s a win in my book. (haha, see what i did there?)

Basically, take all your little mementos and glue or attach them in some fashion into your composition book, add a few photos, some pretty paper, captions, maybe some stickers and called it good. Sounds a lot like regular scrapbooking, right? Wrong. It’s waaaaay cheaper, waaaaay quicker, and waaaaay less fussy. Allow me to demonstrate…


A few years ago, I turned a pretty little notebook into The Book of Fun Facts. Nothing crazy extravagant, just a simple scrapbook that had a single fact about myself on each page. Last year, I was perusing my favorite craft website (The Paper Source) and was surprised to see a product called The Smashbook. It’s basically the same idea, a quick way to pull a simple scrapbook together. What really surprised me was the price tag of about 16 bucks for a basic hard-cover, wire-wound notebook. Sure, you get the nifty embossed design on the cover and the pages are heavier stock…but is that worth it? I say no. I would rather spend less than a dollar on a composition book and use the other $14 on some paper and maybe some stickers to fill out the book. But that’s my humble opinion.

Gone are the days where I am too intimidated by a giant blank piece of 12″x12″ paper and all the perfectly coordinated embellishments to create a scrapbook. Gone too, are the days where the remnants of trips, and vacations collect dust and clog the arteries of my tiny apartment. I am saying hello to a new way to scrap my life that encourages creativity and reflects the energy in my life. I finally feel free of my preconceived ideas of what a scrapbook should look like. It looks however I want it to look, and it feels like me.

With that in mind, I bring you the Frugal Smush Book. I hope that this little idea inspires you to clear out some of that clutter and brings together some really awesome memories.


2 Responses to “WRECK IT WEDNESDAY!!! (Issue No. 1)”

  1. amyleebell February 8, 2012 at 10:11 pm #

    Love it! I hope I remember this the next time we go on vacation or have an event we want to remember!

  2. headovrheels February 9, 2012 at 12:03 am #

    I have so started one of these for Cody and I, shhh don’t tell him though 🙂 Great minds think a like!!


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