Drum Roll, Please…

7 Feb

There’s something super special looming on your horizon, a treat, if you will. It’s gonna be like getting a cupcake every week. Okay, so maybe I’m overselling it a smidge with the cupcake (let’s be honest, there isn’t a single blog post that could ever compare to a cupcake), I’m creating a new tradition here on ItsSunnyInMySoul!

I know a lot of really amazing people who don’t think they’re creative. My mother being one of them, which, if you see the things that she can do, is just a ridiculous statement. Being creative doesn’t necessarily mean you’re creating masterpieces that will be marveled at throughout the ages. Being creative, to me, means doing ordinary things in a not so ordinary way. See a recipe that you’d like to try? Try using it as a guideline to creating something all your own, instead of following the instructions step by step. Shake things up. Make whatever it is you do, yours.

In honor of this idea, I am re-naming Wednesdays. It sounds so…well boring and Wednesday-ish. The middle of the week will henceforth be known as…..wait for it…………..

 Wreck it Wednesdays!

Stay tuned for a new idea that will help you wreck that little shell you’re in.


(oh, I am so excited!!)



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