Blast from the past…

29 Dec

Hey boys and girls! Guess what we have for you today? A poem! I found this little nugget that I wrote in high school buried in my Facebook notes. Hope you like it!

Where I’m From

I am from the sun
Warm rays fill my life
Sundays spent in Mexico
Surrounded by my family
(I smell plumerias and roses)
I am from pony rides
(The pony is tired, mommy)
From swim caps and paddles
Chlorine and sore muscles
Whose pain I can still feel
As though I just swam

I am from tacos and paint
From Princess and Ellie
I am from gourmet dinners
(I cook, you clean)
From wha, wha, what’s wrong
And that’s what you get
I am from Our Father and Hail Mary
And Catholic prayers I can recite myself

I am from white sand and blue water
Tropical drinks and little umbrellas
From beautiful sunsets shared with the love of my life
It rains and he shelters me
I wipe out and we both laugh at me
I am from simple living
(Less is sometimes more)
All that I need is here
My love, My life, My dream



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