What was I talking about, again?

8 Dec

Before I begin, let me give a definition of a bird walk:

A bird walk is when someone is talking to you, whether it be in a lecture, conversation, etc, and you ask a question that causes the topic being discussed to change course completely to something unrelated. The result, is by the time the person speaking realizes that they are not even close to being in the same neighborhood of the intended subject, they have long forgotten what it was they were speaking about to begin with.

This was one of my favorite things to do in school.

Not that I’m old, but I now have a big girl job, a dog, my own little casita, my own bills, etc. I’ve noticed that the older I become, the more I find myself on bird walks. I’ll start or engage in a conversation, and during the course of it, forgetting completely what the original topic was. I used to think it was so funny that I was able to completely change a lesson plan, just by asking my teacher how he felt about chicken nuggets.

Now that I’m the one being taken for a bird walk, I am trying to enjoy the scenery.  Luckily, I’ve got some great company for the trip.




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